If this blog is my life “approximately”, then I died about two weeks ago. And only three of you were concerned (only one left a comment – thank you, Nyssa). What’s with that?

Well, when I ended the last post with a health scare and the words, ‘The End’, I had intended on writing sooner to explain. But the truth is, my life – not death – needed some serious examination. And I’ve spent the last week or so doing just that – getting it back on track; evaluating my work, my relationships, and my health.

Of course, none are really the better for it, but at least I have a clearer perspective on things. Even if my absense, these days, is harder to maintain.

In web 2.0, it’s hard to play dead.

You can blog your own death, sure. But keeping a low profile on the Internet is a much harder thing. Visiting MySpace, for example, the online equivalent of popping into a Starbucks (albeit one full of emo kids pouting at camera phones), lets other members know when you last logged in.

And if you’re slow on your old keyboard shortcuts, your instant messenger of choice might automatically sign you in as ‘online’, or as I like to set it, ‘out for lunch’ (which is the most likely).

These signs, and the recent changes to my web site, I imagine, put the most observant of my readers at ease. For the other three, rest assured, I am not dead.