Top Tip, readers: When sending a mass group e-mail, address it to yourself and put your contacts in the BCC box. That way, you get a copy (and everybody likes e-mail, even if from themselves) and the warring fractions of your social circle aren’t awkwardly placed together in the To: box, their e-mail addresses on display.

Have you ever glared at an impossibly impersonal group e-mail, its To: box a-brimming with addresses, and wondered why Timmy’s came before yours? Whether it would be inappropriate to e-mail your mate’s fit sister? Or who is? (It’s Helen Thomas Eatons of Duke University, if you were wondering.)

I certainly had a few questions (and a few answers) upon receiving an ex-girlfriend’s change of address e-mail this morning. It seems she’s still with her boyfriend, whom she addressed first, and whom – it appears – has a surname worthy of ridicule. She’s also still in touch with her hot friends, whose e-mail addresses I now have, and with whom it has been a pleasure sharing a To: box.

Even more interesting was how fervently she added me to the list. I was the only recipient to appear thrice, ensuring the message’s delivery. Interesting especially since we don’t talk. Well, not since I wrote an extensive post about her on this here blog (see Postcard from the Camel’s Mouth). Perhaps, knowing what a fan of Google I am, her switch to Gmail is an effort to get closer to me. Or perhaps I’m reading far too much into it. Perhaps, in fact, I should get back to work, before I find myself the only recipient of an angry e-mail from the boss.