I once lived with a guy from Essex – and this isn’t a limmerick – who, at least twice a day, would raise his palm flat above his head and exclaim in his whiny, southern accent, “I’ve had it up to here.” If I had the energy, it being a good two hours past my bedtime, or if I felt I could do Steve justice, I might motion the very same gesture. I’m tired and my head is filled with the stories of woe, sorrow and sickening torture that I’ve read today in print and online media.

Hoping for some lighter bedtime reading I set my lapdog, as I’ve decided to call my computer, to Best of Craigslist, a refreshingly ad-free, no frills online community with user generated content, the best of which usually warrants ‘LOL’ in the true sense of the ‘word’.

I read a post from the Missed Connections section on the recommendation that it was ‘funny’. That word, I think, is banded around perhaps too much nowadays. The post, one man’s story of losing his love in translation, didn’t make me laugh. It, the news of the world, and the very desperate fact that at 2:45am you’re all I have to talk to, has left me feeling kind of sad. Well, if I’m going down…Here’s the link:

‘I Chased You for 12 Years…’

Night night.