Good evening blogees. I’m coming to you live from the year 1994, thanks to the marvelous technology of…coming home for Easter Break. Somehow every homecoming is like time travel. Whether I’m returning from a semester at University, a year abroad in California or a trip to the petrol station down the street, I can always rely on everything here remaining exactly the same – not a scrunchy unscrunched, a Bush in office, or an episode of Friends yet begun. Unfortunately, it also means that I’m back to the World Wide Wait of dial-up Internet, and so I’m writing this offline, not downloading an episode of Friends (because it doesn’t exist yet), and not peppering this entry with Google search results.

(For better or) worse still, unlike my blog studio at University, where I’ve no TV, Channel 4 is playing here in the background and I’ll admit that The 100 Greatest Films show is very distracting, and unexpectedly comforting. At #18 is The Matrix, a scene from which just flashed on the screen, its title superimposed and, in brackets the date of its release, 1999. If by coming home I have gone back in time, I’m at the most only five years back.

So I’m going to see which film makes #1. While I’m gone post a comment and let me know what would hit your top spot.