Friday’s a good day for most. A day to thank God for it, finish work and according to an eighties band, be in love. If, in the words of Robert Smith, The Cure, “…Monday’s blue / Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too”, my Friday wasn’t much better and if you’ve read my last entry, rendered in greyscale, you’ll know I wasn’t in high spirits.

Yesterday then I set about cheering myself up, as much to salvage my soul as my personality, and to give you something interesting to read. This involved some good ol’ retail therapy. In my shopping basket was:

  • Nothing says ‘comfort food’ like Farley’s Rusks biscuits. It actually says ‘baby food’ on the box.
  • In the absence of male friends I bought Swingers on DVD to fill that void, bonded with its stars and decided that there is a Heather Graham out there for me. I just have to keep looking and maybe socialise more at the Dresden Lounge in L.A.
  • Have you ever bought clothes to boost your self esteem? I can say that nothing does the job better than a spandex Superman costume, complete with cape, outerpants, and a 30% discount from a closing down fancy dress shop!

Imagine this: a skinny 21 year old guy, watching a movie, eating baby food, dressed as superhero. To help you out there, as an apology for the last ‘blah, blah’ blog entry and in case you need cheering up, because this really has the cumulative effect of all three items in my shopping basket, here is a photo of me, the Man of Steel Compressed Aluminium, sporting my new day wear. Is it a bird? Is it a plane…? (Maybe it is a bird…) No, it’s…Supersan!