Prince Harry has gone back to Africa. I say ‘gone back’, not knowing if he’s been before, but alluding to the fact, oft-quoted by staunch non-racist types, that we’re all ultimately from Africa. I don’t know much about plate tectonics but I like the simple science theory that undermines racial superiority and a couple of Bible stories in the process. (Favourite tectonic pop song: Carole King’s, “I Feel the Earth Move”.)

Anyway, I mention it because seeing Prince Harry and new friend, 4 year-old orphan Mutsu Potsane planting a peach tree in Lesotho (an enclave of South Africa) was indeed a heart warming start to my day, courtesy of an official Royal Family photographer. Also, one time pot smoker, Harry, is second in line to marry my ex-girlfriend. If, of course, her plan to wed Will falls through should he, as her online profile fears, continues “to resemble a horse.” I didn’t see her with Harry and Mutsu so it looks as if the Will thing is working out, and spending time with the Prince is keeping her from replying to my messages! 🙂 At least she has a good excuse. If Eliot from Scrubs does ever get in touch my blog might even go on hold. But I won’t hold my breath for e-mails from past or future loves.

Holding your breath never works with things like that. It’s like playing chicken with your life. I was having to, er, breathe pretty hard the other night when things got a little heated on campus. Let’s just say, things happen when you least expect it. And I wouldn’t wait holding your breath, if I were you. You might need it. 😉