It’s a bit of a cliche opening statement but it really did start off a good day. I woke up to the sunshine, took the weekly hose-down, styled my hair in a new and exciting way and threw on my good shirt. Damn. I was, and get ready for Cliche no. 2, looking good and feeling good. Unfortunately, today this new found confidence was moonwalking the border of cocky and since Beth no longer responds to my crude sexual double-entendres I’ve taken to asking it, “am I right?”, before hi-fiving my wardrobe.

You see, all three seasons of half-hour medical comedy Scrubs (Sky One, Sundays 7:30pm) have become available for me to download and I’ve been watching on average three episodes a day. I’m beginning to see my life as a series of quirky incidents akin to the sitcom format. I’m even beginning to imagine my job at the Information System Services on campus as the Sacred Heart Hospital of Scrubs. I’m hardly saving people’s lives but I’m referring to/treating the printers I repair as ‘my patients.’ This evening however my obsessive/compulsive/disorderly viewing of Scrubs paid off…

Dining alone again, I went to the burger bar and placed my order with the lovely assistant behind the counter, before sitting in ear shot to pretend to read the paper. I overheard her talk with her superior. “I’ve got a riddle for you,” the elder started. “I’ve got two coins that add up to 15 pence. And one of them’s not a 5p piece. What are they?”

“Ooh, that’s a tough one…” the younger said. “Modern coins?”

“You’d find them in the register.” She looked over at me and I smiled. “Your burger’s ready.”

The younger held the bun open and asked, “any salad?”

“Yeah, I’ll have some tomatoes, lettuce and pickle please.” I leaned in, and lowering my voice, said, “and the two coins are a 10 and a 5…She only said one of them wasn’t 5p.”

“Thank you. I would never have got that!”

“Actually,” I laughed. “I heard it on TV.” With that, and feeling as cool as fcuk, I headed for the door.

Did I just pull? Unfortunately not. I pushed a ‘Pull’ door and, in that awkward moment, caught my reflection in the glass. My new exciting hair style looked nothing like the guy off Scrubs.