Just to tease, I’m sitting here, clad in a hand towel, dripping wet and smelling of Radox shower gel. It might calm you somewhat to know that, if I was ever “in shape”, I’m certainly mishapen now, resembling most closely a hairy, small breasted woman in the early stages of pregnancy. (Feeling a little morning sickness?) I’m typing this now since I get the bulk of my good thinkage done in the shower.

It being a leap year, the date today, according to your Sunday paper/Casio/Katie Price calendar, is February 29th, and the last time you’ll read that for another four years. Big Brother MSN reminds me that now’s the time for “my woman to make an honest man of me” since global law states that women may only propose to men in leap years.

This leap year will mean something special for the more than 3,000 gay couples married in San Francisco since the city’s new mayor, Gavin Newson, decided to defy state law and allow such weddings. Outside of “everybody’s favourite city” there won’t be much honest man or woman making for the same sex couples that threaten, what George W. Bush calls, “the most fundamental institution of civilization”. This from a President, a little behind the evolution scale, who we understand is quickly learning to use tools but is oblivious to the fact that you can’t legislate against a person’s pursuit of happiness the way you could in the “grand ol’ days” of the Jim Crow south. His call for a constitutional amendment to “protect the sanctity of marriage” is monkey business, to say the least, and I hope that Mr Bush is denied his request and the thousands of happy couples wed in San Francisco City Hall this month do not become a phenomenon of the leap year.