Last year I was part of an English student community that expatriated to California for the academic year 2002/3. About this time we were planning our ‘Spring Break’: an American college extra-curricular extravaganza in the vein of 18-30 holidays to Lanzarote, but with monied students, more (if you can imagine) pent up alcoholic frustration and a fairly autonomous spin-off porn industry. (Just type “girls gone wild” in Google and you’ll see what I mean.)

At the tail end of my romantic relationship with Beth I was practically single and the guys and I decided on the very suspecting town of Ensenada, Mexico for a Boys Gone Wild excursion into the world and wonders of the Spring Break. And excur we did. With our uniform t-shirts, second-hand blazers and more Brylcreem than the team of mechanics behind Greased Lightening (and that’s just me), we hit up Baja California and all it had to offer: burritos, tequila, brothels in disguise, and the hottest spot south of Havana, Papa’s and Beers, where I met the reason for this blog entry, who e-mailed out of the blue last week as I was planning this year’s very different Spring Break that happens to fall on the one year anniversary of ‘Boys Gone Wild’.

In March I’m going to Boston on a £30 flying e-Bay win, probably alone and probably without the screen printed t-shirt declaring my drinking nickname and the place and time of my vacation. I’ll most likely take a book, sit by the harbor and shudder in the New England chill. But I’ll pack my Brylcreem, all the same, and raise my glass of legally purchased booze to those five man-monkeys that made Spring Break 2003 what it was. Here’s to you

  • Alekzander ‘Audrey’ Piekarski
  • Jack ‘Jimbob’ Jenkins
  • Colin ‘Cuthbert’ Brightwell
  • Dave ‘Dwayne’ Andrews
  • Nick ‘Norbert’ Holmes